Melanie is a writer, editor and tutor. Her work has been broadcast on Radio 4 and published in numerous literary and commercial magazines and anthologies. She is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Chichester; leads creative writing workshops in Surrey, and is commissioning editor for The Story Player.


Comments on Melanie's teaching:

"One of the defining characteristics of her teaching style is just how much unforced energy she brings with her into the room. The fact that she's able to combine this with a deep and wide knowledge of her craft, as well as draw on her own successful career, makes for an intense and entertaining learning experience."   Richard Buxton, multi-award winning author of Whirligig.

"Mel creates a really friendly and comfortable environment and since I’ve been coming to her workshops I’ve been shortlisted for three competitions and won one! She’s given me real confidence and has helped me understand how to create a story arc."    Suzie G.

"one piece of flash fiction that came from nowhere during one of Mel's writing exercises went on to be shortlisted in the Bridport Prize."    Tracy F.

"Melanie is a fantastic teacher. She has tons of energy and enthusiasm and makes every session really fun, but is also really insightful in her analysis of storytelling. I have learned so much from her classes and, with her help and encouragement, my stories have won a number of literary competitions."    Julie E.

"Melanie’s classes were inspiring, motivating and fun"   Sue S.

"Melanie has the elusive quality of charisma without intimidation. She enables writers to unearth their talent and is uniquely positive and encouraging. She brings out the absolute best from her students. All this - but most importantly she has the most wonderful sense of humour, I always come away from the classes buzzing!"    Poppy N.

"with a few gentle suggestions she helps me to see how my writing can be improved. Melanie creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels confident"    Kari G​.

"interesting and valuable course content, well taught, well documented, delivered with an entertaining, easy manner "  Bill H.

"my writing has improved immensely as a result. I cannot recommend Melanie's classes more strongly"  Emmanuel L.

"Mel’s classes are a constant delight, full of helpful encouragement and useful advice."    Len D.

"astonished at how exciting I found it, and how energised I was"   Gillian C.

"There is a reassuring balance between feeling challenged and  being encouraged to put pen to paper and celebrate whatever the outcome may be!"   Jane L.

"the exercises are fun and inspiring"   Rachel P.

"a real flare for freeing the creativity in others. Great fun with lots to learn, she’s a diamond, loved it."    Alan G.

"Her engagement with us all is infectious and never fails to inspire"   David R.

"She has really helped me to analyse and self-edit too, as she is great at teasing out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  ... Highly recommend her as a tutor."   Lesley E.

"She is a fantastic teacher with the skill to ignite the ability to write stories within you. She is lots of fun to learn from and so enthusiastic in her delivery"    Sharan K.

"the best part of all is that we have great fun doing it! Highly recommended!"   Anne H.